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LSTB's 2016 Starts with Two Newborns

Among the first patients Let’s Save the Brain Foundation, Inc. assisted at the start of 2016 were two newborns diagnosed with hydrocephalus.  The ventriculoperitoneal shunt, costing Php 12,500 each, will enable these babies to live a normal life.  We would like to thank our generous donors for without them giving hope for a brighter future would not be possible.

"Clot Buster" Recipients

Mr. D. Ligutan and Ms. L. Caragay are stroke patients who were administered recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA), the “clot buster” that can reverse the effects of a stroke.

Both patients are now doing well thanks to the generosity of a donor of the said rtPA.

General Membership Meeting

On March 30, 2016, during Let's Save the Brain Foundation, Inc.'s General Membership Meeting, the following were elected to the Board:

                                      President          :  Jose Leonard Pascual V, MD, FPNA 
                                      Vice-President   :  Philip Ramiro, MD, FPNA 
                                      Secretary          :  Martha Lu-Bolanos, MD, FPNA 
                                      Treasurer          :  Julette Marie Batara, MD, FPNA
                                      Board Members
                                          Carlos Chua, MD, FPNA
                                          Gadwin Handumon
                                          Grace Orteza, MD, FPNA
                                          Godfrey Robeniol, MD, FPNA
                                          Marianne Quebral
Congratulations! Rest assured you can count on the support and commitment of the members and benefactors.

"Clot Buster" Recipients

Update on “Clot Buster” Recipients

On Saturday, January 23, 2016, a patient with an acute ischemic stroke was admitted as a charity patient at the Dept. of Neurosciences.  Since he came in on time, the doctors were able to administerrecombinant tissue plasminogen activator(rtPA), the “clot buster” that can reverse the effects of such a stroke. This drug, which costs sixty-three thousand pesos (Php 63,000.00) was available thanks to the generosity of a donor.  Two days later the patient was almost fully recovered and the only manifestation of the stroke was a drift when he extended both arms while keeping his eyes closed.  He and his wife are expecting a baby so when the new addition to the family arrives, that infant will have a healthy daddy to love and take care of him or her.

Then on Monday, January 25, another stroke patient was admitted with a similar presentation. Again, the doctors were able to administer rtPA thanks to another donor who gave funds precisely for such emergencies.After a few hours, that patient’s National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) score improved from 19 to 4.  Patients with a total score of 4 or less generally have favorable clinical outcomes and have a high likelihood of functional independence.  His Glasgow Coma Scale also improved from 11 (Moderate) to 13 - 15 (highest rating), which classified his brain injury as "Mild".

Both patients have since been discharged and doing well.

Since Let's Save the Brain was launched in 2012, rtPA has been administered to 4 stroke patients who would not have been able to avail of this costly “miracle drug” were it not for our generous donors who share our advocacy to save the lives of our indigent patients.

Here’s a photo of 2 recipients: Mr. D. Ligutan and Ms. L. Caragay.You wouldn’t think they just suffered a stroke, would you?