Did you know that...



for every peso you give, a patient at the Department of Neurosciences, UP - PGH will be able to breathe for three more minutes?


Many patients need to rent ventilators to survive. Every peso that will be donated will count.


for Php12,000 (or just aroundUSD 285), you can already provide an aneurysm clip that is worth the productive lifetime of a patient?




And if you have more blessings to share, for every Php100,000 (or around USD 2,350) contribution, any of the following can be done:

  1. Eight aneurysms will be clipped and secured; never to rupture again.
  2. Two fatal infections will be fought, clearing for a new life.
  3. Two patients will survive a stroke with no significant disability.
  4. Five patients will undergo lifesaving brain surgeries.
  5. Ten important MRI procedures will be done, so patients will be managed more accurately.


Let's Save the Brain will appreciate any amount of contribution that you can give to these patients in UP-PGH.