The Story of Angelita, a patient with Hydrocephalus

Angelita - patient with Hydrocephalus


Bedridden, lethargic and unable to eat. It was all Angelita's husband could take. She has been having worsening headaches for the past two months; her legs grew weak, and she became drowsy most of the time. They could not bring her to the hospital as they could not even afford transportation from Cavite with their meager resources. But seeing Angelita rarely awake, it finally dawned on her husband that she was gravely ill.

She was finally brought to PGH, where she was diagnosed with TB meningitis with hydrocephalus. She needed surgery to drain the excess fluid in her brain, but as vendors they had no way to raise P12,500 on their own. Through the kindness of some benefactors, the shunting procedure pushed through and restored Angelita's wakefulness. Still her husband at present continues to hope and pray for recovery as she goes through treatment for this long-standing condition.