The Story of Realvino, a patient with CNS Infection


Realvino is a 26 year-old male breadwinner with 3 dependents. He provides for his family's daily needs though his work as a hair stylist.
In the last quarter of 2013, he was admitted in the Department of Neurosciences, UP-PGH and was diagnosed with Central Nervous System (CNS) Infection.
His doctor suspected that he might have Tuberculosis (TB) Meningitis, a life threatening complication that affects all the regions of the CNS: the brain, the spinal cord, and associated membranes. Early and immediate treatment was critical to improve the outcome of his condition.
A Cranial CT Scan was needed to properly treat Realvino. However, since Realvino’s occupation was the only source of income of the family, and their funds were already drained from his antibiotics, the family had no other means to pay for the CT Scan.
LSTB, believing that each second counts, granted Realvino and his family Php2,900 to cover the cost of a Cranial CT Scan with Contrast Enhancement. With this procedure, his doctors were able to treat him accordingly. Through your contributions, Realvino was given another chance to be with, and to provide for his family.