The Story of Evelyn, a patient with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage


Evelyn - patient with Subarachnoid hemorrhage from an aneurysm

As the sun rose one morning, Evelyn had already finished doing the laundry and was about to prepare breakfast for her construction worker husband and elementary school children. Suddenly a severe throbbing headache overcame her--it was the worst she ever had. She's been having on and off headaches the past week, but none compared to the excruciating pain she now had. Soon after, she vomited and felt drowsy, and dragged her right foot when she tried to walk.

Her husband rushed her to the emergency room at once. After some tests, the doctors explained that Evelyn suffered from brain hemorrhage from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. It must be clipped as soon as possible or else the aneurysm might bleed again. They needed P13,500.00 for the procedure, but Evelyn's husband could not cough up even a fifth of the amount.

With the help of generous donors, Evelyn's aneurysm was secured in time before any more complications occurred. Evelyn was eventually discharged able to walk by herself again, deeply grateful knowing that her family can still count on her to care for them at home.