The Story of Leonardo, a patient with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Grade III




Leonardo was a 49 year-old cook who supports three dependents. He was relatively well for his age until he experienced a sudden severe headache at work which was relieved the next hour. Two days later, he experienced another severe headache that lasted for several hours, prompting him to consult in UP - PGH.

It was revealed that Leonardo had a bleeding in his brain and was consequently admitted to the Neurology Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He needed to undergo craniectomy and clipping of aneurysm to treat the bleeding and to prevent another. to be able to undergo these procedures, Leonardo and his family felt the need too seek from their relatives for his medicines and other surgical supplies.

Throughout his confinement, Leonardo expressed his deep desire to get well so that he can go back to work and finally relieve his family of the financial burden brought about by his medical condition.

Witnessing their desperate need for funds, Let's Save the Brain approved the family's appeal for a financial aid of Php11,500.00 for an aneurysm clip. This procedure was truly a life-saver for Leonardo his family for it also ensured that there won't be any re-rupture in the future.