Patients Helped by LSTB


Since our launch on February 25, 2012, thanks to your generous contributions, we have raised over PhP1.1 Million for our Patient Welfare Fund for the UP-PGH Dept. of Neurosciences. Of this amount, we have spent over P120,000.00 in medical procedures and medicines that have helped three patients overcome serious brain conditions as well as permanent nerve damage.


One of these patients, Evelyn, a wife and mother to young children, suffered an aneurysm that caused a brain hemorrhage. She was assisted with PhP8,000.00 to procure an aneurysm clip. No longer threatened with complications, Evelyn is now back home and grateful to once again be in the loving presence of her family.


Another patient we have assisted is Angelita who was diagnosed with TB meningitis with hydrocephalus. She was assisted with PhP12,000.00 for the shunting process that was necessary to drain the excess fluid from her brain. Although it will take time for Angelita to regain full or partial functionality, she is now alert and able to eat properly. She and her husband have a lot to be grateful and hopeful for.


Finally, Nicanor Salamat was saved from potentially irreversible nerve damage that was caused by Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). Although very rare, GBS could cause death, usually from breathing difficulty brought on by muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. Nicanor needed three day's worth of immunoglobulin therapy (IVIg) to resolve the condition. This would amount to over PhP300,000.00. Despite all their efforts, his family was able to come up with funds to cover only two days of treatment - which would not be effective in reversing the condition. They then approached us for any financial assistance we could give. After reviewing the case, especially in terms of the urgency of treatment and concomitant probability of good outcome if said treatment is given, the Foundation immediately responded to Nicanor's plight and shouldered the final treatment - which amounted to a little over PhP100,000.00.


As you can see, sometimes the financial assistance needed can be so costly that it exceeds what our Patient Welfare Fund can provide. That is why we deeply appreciate whatever donations we receive. None is considered too small if you just think that one peso will enable a patient attached to a ventilator to breathe for 3 more minutes. And if there are many, many more who give to build to the fund ... many, many more lives will be saved!


Your kindness and generosity warm our hearts. We, and those we serve, give you our heartfelt thanks. We accept donations through the Donate button on this site. You may also call us at 635-6190 if you wish to know more on how you can help patients like Evelyn, Angelita and Nicanor.