Every day, Emerson gets up early to gather his merchandise and leave the house, hoping to make some money for his family. He works as a vendor, enduring the heat of the sun and the pouring of rain, eager to make ends meet for his four children. Emerson knows that he can’t stop working even for a day because his family is depending on him. He knows that he is his family’s hero.

But even heroes need help sometimes…

One fateful day, Emerson felt extreme pain in his lower body. It became difficult for him to stand and walk. He couldn’t understand what was happening to him. He has never been sick. He cannot be sick. His mind was racing, his heart was pounding, he has never been more afraid in his life. He fears for his family if something is to happen to him.

A family’s hero… is YOU.

With your generous donation, Let’s Save the Brain Foundation paid for an expensive diagnostic serum test for GM1 Antibodies that can only be done in France. And because of this, Emerson was able to receive the right kind of treatment to get better.

Now, Emerson is back home with his wife and children, grateful for another chance in life, all thanks to the love and support of heroes like you.

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