Thank you to our anonymous donors

Through the years, Let’s Save the Brain Foundation (LSTB) has been blessed with donors who wish to remain anonymous and deposit their donations directly to our bank accounts. As we launch our improved and enhanced website, we at LSTB would like to thank them for their generosity and support. Here is the list of donations since 2018: 2018 Anonymous donors

Congratulations to Dr. Lourdes “Wally” Ledesma o ...

She shared her dreams for Let’s Save The Brain: Expand the reach of Let’s Save The Brain Foundation to beyond the confines of PGH, to help the patients in need under the care of our neurology graduates in the provinces. To help attain world-class recognition of our neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neuroscientists who help save the brains of our patients.

Late appreciation post to our most gracious and generous don ...

Thanks to a very bright and humble medical student who donated his cash award for academic excellence on behalf of his class UPCM 2021. Thanks to you an indigent patient can avail of a lifesaving apparatus to clip a life-threatening brain aneurysm.

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