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JM is an 11 year old boy residing in Tondo, Manila.  He first presented with seizures in April 2020 which gradually increased in frequency to almost daily. During this time, he was taking on-line classes as a 5th Grader and finished the year with honors despite having attacks that would occasionally cause his cell phone to fall and need repair.

Update on Baby Marc Enfirmo

Remember Baby Marc Enfirmo who  was  on  the  cover  of  our  2018  Annual Report? He was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari malformation and a few months after he was born, he underwent a lateral sphenoid meningocele repair. The M.T. Cheng  Infants’  Fund  of Let’s  Save  the  Brain  Foundation  provided  the  Becker External  Drainage  &  Monitoring  System  (EDMS)  to  manage  his  hydrocephalus.

John Reyven Tanada

John Reyven Tanada is a 5 year old boy whose life changed after he has diagnosed with optic pathway glioma. At the early age of 2 years old, his family noticed that he had difficulty tracking objects. This was eventually accompanied by headaches and dizziness. Despite the financial difficulties, his family saved up some money to have him seen by

Baby Marc Enfirmo

Baby Marc Enfirmo was born full term via Cesarean Section since the doctors already knew that he had congenital hydrocephalus. But despite the insertion of a shunt to relieve his brain from the build-up of fluids, he was not recovering as well as expected. He cried a lot, had some trouble feeding, and his tiny body seemed to lose muscle

Like Magic

Unemployed due to disability from a previous stroke, estranged from his family, and plagued by worsening blurring of vision on his left eye, Jose de Jesus, aged 62, was in line at the PGH Ophthalmology clinic seeking treatment for his condition when he was suddenly struck by something terrifying – the left half of his face started to droop, his

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