LSTB Stories


A FAMILY’S HERO Every day, Emerson gets up early to gather his merchandise and leave the house, hoping to make some money for his family. He works as a vendor, enduring the heat of the sun and the pouring of rain, eager to make ends meet for his four children. Emerson knows that he can’t stop working even for a

Baby Smile

A STORY BEHIND A MOTHER’S SMILE She was glowing. Her pregnancy was a walk in the park. Every prenatal checkup added to her excitement of meeting her baby whom she named Smile – the name she chose to capture the joy that her pregnancy brought her. Everything was going great, until she got the result of her ultrasound. It showed


JM is an 11 year old boy residing in Tondo, Manila.  He first presented with seizures in April 2020 which gradually increased in frequency to almost daily. During this time, he was taking on-line classes as a 5th Grader and finished the year with honors despite having attacks that would occasionally cause his cell phone to fall and need repair.

Update on Baby Marc Emfirmo

  Remember Baby Marc Emfirmo who  was  on  the  cover  of  our  2018  Annual Report? He was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari malformation and a few months after he was born, he underwent a lateral sphenoid meningocele repair. The M.T. Cheng  Infants’  Fund  of Let’s  Save  the  Brain  Foundation  provided  the  Becker External  Drainage  &  Monitoring  System  (EDMS)  to  manage  his 

John Reyven Tanada

John Reyven Tanada is a 5 year old boy whose life changed after he has diagnosed with optic pathway glioma. At the early age of 2 years old, his family noticed that he had difficulty tracking objects. This was eventually accompanied by headaches and dizziness. Despite the financial difficulties, his family saved up some money to have him seen by

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