President’s Message


2020 will forever be etched in our memories as the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite the perils and difficulties all of us are enduring, Let’s Save the Brain Foundation, Inc. (LST Brain) remains committed to meeting the challenges of the changing landscape.

During the Annual Membership Meeting in March, a new set of Officers was elected as follows:

President            Godfrey T. Robeniol, MD, FPNA
Vice President   Ester S. Bitanga, MD, FPNA
Secretary            Martha Lu-Bolanos, MD, FPNA, FCNSP
Treasurer            Julette Marie F. Batara, MD, FPNA

Board Members

  • Gadwin E. Handumon
  • Lynne Lourdes N. Lucena, MD, FPCS, FAFNI
  • Paul Matthew D. Pasco, MD, FPNA
  • Jose Leonard R. Pascual V, MD, FPNA
  • Marianne G. Quebral

The pandemic did not deter kind-hearted and generous benefactors from supporting LST Brain’s advocacy.  This  year  we  had  over  50  donors  who  gave  donations  in  cash,  Grants,  and  kind  that  totaled  PESOS  ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY NINE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED FORTY EIGHT (Php 1,289,848.00). This enabled us to assist 56 indigent patients of the Dept. of Neurosciences, UP-PGH. The amount of assistance extended totaled PESOS ONE MILLION FORTY SEVEN THOUSAND NINETY EIGHT (Php 1,047,098.00) and 96% of these patients were discharged well.

We are also appreciative of the continued support of the Rotary Club Makati Premier District. Thanks to Carol Mercado’s  initiatives,  13  bedside  monitors  were  turned  over  to  the  Department  on  June  11,  2020.  And  on October  12,  2020 38  3M  half-face  respirators  and  114  filters were  donated  as  well.    All  these  will keep  the consultant and resident frontliners of the Department safe and well.

So many lives have been lost due to COVID-19 and the fight against this deadly virus is still ongoing. But this has  not  stopped  LST  Brainfrom  helping  indigent  patients  who  continue  to  stream  into  PGH  for  various neurological  conditions.  Thanks  to  our  members,  residents,  volunteers  and  benefactors,  the  Foundation  is able to fulfill its commitment to be a bridge between those in need and those willing to help.

Stay safe and well.
Godfrey T. Robeniol, MD, FPNA



Patient Welfare Fund

While doctors at the UP-PGH, Department of Neurosciences, do not charge a professional fee to the patients, other needs such as medicines, devices, supplies for laboratory tests, and procedures have to be funded. This is where Let’s Save the Brain’s Patient Welfare Fund comes into play by providing financial assistance to indigent patients who, more often than not, cannot afford such costly medical care.

Table 1. Patient Welfare Fund beneficiaries for 2020 and the assistance extended
1 01/15/2020 Shine Y. 8/F Survived CSF Nmda                 4,000.00
2 02/04/2020 Anita L. 33/F Survived serum aquaporin 4 antibody               15,000.00
3 02/05/2020 Basilica P. 86/F Survived Shiley 6                 2,000.00
4 02/06/2020 Lara E. 50/F Survived Aneurysm clip               10,000.00
5 02/14/2020 Roberto A. 23/M Survived Anti NMDA assay               12,000.00
6 02/24/2020 Dianne T. 18/F Survived serum cerulplasmin, 24hr urine copper                 7,200.00
7 03/10/2020 Antonio V. 40/M Expired External Ventricular Drain               10,000.00
8 03/13/2020 Lizbeth F. 7/F Survived External Ventricular Drain               10,000.00
9 03/19/2020 Kyle M. 20/M Survived Vancomycin                 2,700.00
10 03/19/2020 Richard A. 31/M Survived Vancomycin                 2,700.00
11 03/19/2020 Chollen F. 19/F Survived Vancomycin                 3,800.00
12 03/19/2020 Julieta S. 70/F Survived Vancomycin                 3,700.00
13 03/19/2020 Donna P. 30/F Survived Vancomycin                 2,600.00
14 03/25/2020 Kristine Joy A. 34/F Survived Equipment (suction machine nebulizer)                 6,500.00
15 03/31/2020 Dennis F. 35/M Survived Equipment (suction machine nebulizer)                 4,700.00
16a 05/19/2020 Cherry N. 40/F Survived Equipment (portable O2 tank, O2 gauge, pulse oximeter,suction catheters)                 4,900.00
16b 05/30/2020 Cherry N. 40/F Survived Acetylcholine receptor antibody test                 8,000.00
17 06/30/2020 Dave M. 12/M Survived Adult sized ambubag, 25kgs hospital-grade 02 tank                 6,000.00
18 08/21/2020 Mark D.A 2/M Survived Becker EDMS                 9,900.00
19 09/28/2020 Alija S. 4/F Survived External Ventricular Drain                 9,000.00
20 10/19/2020 Mark R. 13/M Survived Epilepsy genetic  testing panel DNA extraction via UPM-NIH MolGen lab               13,000.00
21 11/27/2020 Pablo Jr.  S. 60/M Survived CSF MTB/Rif/GeneXpert                 2,500.00
22 12/07/2020 Achiles B. 38/M Survived External Ventricular Drain               10,000.00
23 12/07/2020 Nicole A. 7/F Survived VP Shunt               13,500.00
24 12/14/2020 Marcus A. 10/M Survived External Ventricular Drain               10,000.00
25 12/23/2020 Reymon S. 14/M Survived 24 hr urine copper, serum ceruloplasmon                 3,425.00
26 12/31/2020 Madonna J. 44/F Expired CSF Viral Panel 4                 7,000.00
TOTAL            194,125.00


M.T. Cheng Fund for Infants

Thanks to the continuing supported of Mrs. MT Cheng, since January 2018 the lives of infants from 0 to 12 months are being saved, assuring normal development and a bright future for many of them.
Table 2. MT Cheng Fund for Infants beneficiaries for 2020 and the assistance extended
1 01/15/2020 Freya N. 3mos/F Survived VP Shunt                  8,500.00
2 03/10/2020 Maxine T. 1/F Survived VP Shunt                13,500.00
3 03/10/2020 Jhoncel A. 7mos/M Survived VP Shunt                13,500.00
4 03/10/2020 Baby B. infant/F Survived VP Shunt                13,500.00
5 12/07/2020 Caleb C. 1/M Survived External Ventricular Drain                10,000.00
TOTAL              59,000.00


Dystonia Initiative Fund

The PGH Adult Neurology Outpatient Department (OPD) receives a significant number of patients complaining of dystonia, a movement disorder. These indigent patients have difficulty funding diagnostic procedures such as neuroimaging and genetic testing. The commute to PGH for their follow-up and botulinum toxin injections, in addition to their medications, are already considerable financial burdens. As a result, a lot of them are lost to follow-up without even having definitive diagnosis and treatment. Among these patients are possible cases of X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism (XDP), a disease endemic to our country.
This Program has been funded by Allergan International Foundation since 2015.

Table 3. Dystonia Initiative beneficiaries for 2020 and the assistance extended
1 01/22/2020 Roan B. M Survived MRI procedures w/ courier fee              11,860.00
2 02/10/2020 Herbert A. M Survived Cranial MRI Plain at Tesla                7,840.00
3 02/10/2020 Fernando T. 32/M Survived Cranial MRI at Cardinal                9,800.00
4 02/10/2020 Jeffrey G. 34/M Survived Cranial MRI at Cardinal                9,800.00
02/13/2020 Land travel expenses to evaluate patients in Gensan                2,774.56
5 02/19/2020 Michael M. M Survived Cranial MRI Plain at Cardinal                2,000.00
6 02/27/2020 Clarence R. M Survived Cranial MRI w/ DWI w/ contrast & O2 cannula fee              14,900.00
7 06/06/2020 Nelly D. C. 58/F Survived Plain Cranial MRI w/ MRA                9,000.00
8 07/02/2020 Arlene P. 23/F Survived MRI              14,600.00
07/27/2020 Air travel to Gensan 2/9/2020 to evaluate patients              39,296.16
9 09/03/2020 Rg C. 12/M Survived Thoracolumbar MRI w/ GAD              24,455.00
10 09/03/2020 Mark Laurence R. 46/M Survived IGS guidance                6,500.00
11 09/21/2020 Marites G. 50/F Survived MRI w/ MRA GAD c/o FMAB              17,000.00
12 09/26/2020 Joshelle Leigh D. 26/F Survived Cranial MRI w/ GAD              10,000.00
13 11/04/2020 Wilma O. 52/F Survived Image guided studies                7,500.00
14 11/09/2020 Noel T. 40/M Survived Image guided studies                8,000.00
15 11/16/2020 Mike P. 23/M Survived Image guided studies                8,500.00
16 11/16/2020 Lemeul P. M Survived Cranial MRI  at Cardinal                8,640.00
17 11/19/2020 Datu M. 25/M Survived Image guided studies                8,000.00
12/31/2021 genetic testing sent to Germany via courier services                4,966.00
 TOTAL           225,431.72


Annika Tan Memorial Fund

Established in March, 2017 in memory of Annika Gabrielle Tan who died of a ruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM) at the age of 13, this fund is utilized solely to purchase clips for patients with aneurysms that require this type of neurosurgical intervention.

Table 4. Annika Tan Memorial Fund beneficiaries for 2020 and the assistance extended
1 01/31/2020 Marites R. 56/F Survived Aneurysm clip                   3,000.00
TOTAL TOTAL                 3,000.00


C. Huang Memorial Fund for Brain Tumors

The C. Huang Fund, a Program established in 2019, is restricted to patients with brain tumors. This came from family and friends of the late C. Huang whose children requested that donations be made to our Foundation in lieu of flowers.

Table 5. C. Huang Memorial Fund beneficiaries for 2020and the assistance extended
1 02/03/2020 Juan Johanne H. 46/M Survived IGS guidance                    6,500.00
2a 02/10/2020 Kensheen R 9/F Survived External Ventricular Drain                    9,000.00
3 02/11/2020 Jeffrey M. 41/M Survived MRI w/ Gad, MRS, IGS Protocol                   20,000.00
2b 09/16/2020 Kensheen R 9/F Survived EVD (Becker) 2                   19,000.00
4 09/29/2020 Eunice S. P. 11/F Survived Duragen 4×5                   21,000.00
5 10/21/2020 Jeoffrey L. 42/M Survived Image guided studies                    6,000.00
6 11/02/2020 Marcus Von A. 10/M Survived External Ventricular Tube                    9,000.00
11/11/2020 Survived purchased of chemo medicines                 270,000.00
7 12/31/2020 Rom Jed G. 32/M Survived neuronavigation/image guidance machine fee (brainlab)                    8,000.00
TOTAL               368,500.00


F. Pangan Memorial Fund for Dystonia Researches & Publications

The F. Pangan Memorial Fund is a program established in 2019 which is restricted to researches and publications on dystonia emanating from the Dept. of Neurosciences, UP-PGH.

Table 6. F. Pangan Dystonia Research Fund Disbursements for 2020
1 02/19/2020 Article Processing fee (FRONTIERS MEDIA SA 2/12/2020)               75,342.00
TOTAL             75,342.00



On September 19, 2019 the Memorandum of Understanding, Global Grant #2094175 between Rotary Club of Makati Century City, “Host Sponsor” and Rotary Club of Cheonan Chungnam, “International Sponsor” was signed with UP-PGH for 13 bedside monitors for the Dept. of Neurosciences


On June 11, 2020 the 13 monitors were officially turned over to the Dept.of Neurosciences, UP-PGH thru Let’s Save the Brain Foundation, Inc.

Thank you to the Rotary Club Makati Premier District members Carol Mercado, Ravi Daryanani, Mike Advani and Hazel Zuellig for these 3M half-face respirators and filters that are keeping us safe during this pandemic.
Cheers to Rotary! Serving humanity amid a terrible crisis!


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