John Reyven Tanada is a 5 year old boy whose life changed after he has diagnosed with optic pathway glioma. At the early age of 2 years old, his family noticed that he had difficulty tracking objects. This was eventually accompanied by headaches and dizziness. Despite the financial difficulties, his family saved up some money to have him seen by an Ophthalmologist and fix him up with some prescription eyeglasses but this did not improve his condition. Over a span of a few weeks, he developed weakness and difficulty speaking. His family brought him to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) for a Neurosurgical consult and a Cranial CT Scan was done which revealed a tumor in his brain, pressing on both of his optic nerves resulting in irreversible damage to his vision. He was admitted at PGH for surgery since his condition worsened and the growing mass was causing increasing pressure on John Reyven’s young brain.

Through the help of Let’s Save the Brain Foundation, the needed equipment for John Reyven’s surgery was procured which helped relieve the elevated pressure on his brain.

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