Remember Baby Marc Emfirmo who  was  on  the  cover  of  our  2018  Annual Report? He was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari malformation and a few months after he was born, he underwent a lateral sphenoid meningocele repair. The M.T. Cheng  Infants’  Fund  of Let’s  Save  the  Brain  Foundation  provided  the  Becker External  Drainage  &  Monitoring  System  (EDMS)  to  manage  his  hydrocephalus. Recovery was stormy due to infections, but Marc is a tough fighter and pulled through.

Here he is now 2 years later.  His mom tells us he is able to hold his head a little more steadily, has a  good  appetite,  and  is  responsive  to  everything  going  on around him. His head circumference is not getting any bigger and he is waiting for a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt to be inserted once this pandemic is over.

His parents thank you for helping save his life.

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